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Are you a business owner that is struggling because your not able to open your doors or not able to have pack your business with people?

Small businesses have really struggled since the outbreak because of the limited operations set by our local government. And according to a Forbes small business report that surveyed 40,000 small business owners said that one-third of the small and mid-sized businesses in the US never expect to reopen.

This really has been a devastating reality for a lot of small business owners! But let me tell you---there is hope for some small business owners that learn to leverage the digital shift that is in front of you right now!

Hi my name is Markus and I've been searching for a way to help small businesses that are facing this issue every day and I have found a way that can help you survive and even THRIVE now more than ever before this outbreak started! I'm here to tell you that those businesses that make the digital shift will be the ones to thrive!

I found this solution when a store owner asked me, "how can I sell the inventory in my store when I can't open my doors or and dealing with restrictions on the number of people I can have in my store when I open?

This is when I replied, "yes I have an idea that can help you sell."

There are a lot of businesses that MUST make the shift and this gives businesses additional sales channels. These businesses have to be able to sell online.

This system doesn't require you to set up a website, but I have to warn you that the methods that I will share with you might cause excessive customer spending online using these methods. Using these online methods your reach is drastically increased and you'll get clients outside of your local area and you'll also be able to build strong relationships and most of all you be able to accommodate current customers that still want to buy from you locally.

We make it seamless for your customers to buy from you!

The secret sauce is that we marry the social commerce experience by allowing customers to purchase directly through comments on Facebook or Instagram. The business would post videos or images with the products and instruct the consumer to claim the item by commenting "SOLD"

This method works for:

  • Storefront businesses that have inventory (bakerys, retail, freelancers, services, car dealerships
  • Dropshippers
  • Network marketers that sell products
  • Home-based businesses that have products to sell online
  • Any online retailer

If you want to find out how you can move merchandise and potentially even sell out of your inventory, then I urge you to schedule a 30-minute free consultation and see if this is a good match for you and your business!

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