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Proximity Marketing

Low Cost Marketing Solution

You Have a Great Message Right??

Try Using A Never-Seen-Before Technology That Helps Anyone To Advertise All Kinds of Business To Nearby Mobile Devices,

Additonally, While Connected, It Rewards Everybody Through Proximining Technique To Accumulate Incentivized Crypto Utility Tokens, Effortlessly!

If you're looking for a way to reduce the money that you spend on advertising your business our proximity marketing device will broadcast your message and ads to mobile phone users. For just $30 per month after you purchase the hardware. Start as low as $199 for a device.

Small business owners complain continously that generating enough traffic and leads was the top marketing challenge. Clearly, busines owners and marketers are struggling with producing enough demand for their content using blogs and other social media.

And as time goes on and competition get becomes more aware of running facebook and Google PPC ads, this will only become tougher. With so many options of platforms for business owners and marketers to publish their content and even more ways to promote it, it's hard to know where to focus your efforts. Most everyone’s behavior is being tracked online and the power of that big data can be used to help better reach your customer base.

Below are reasons for 90% of Business Owners to Quit.

- Marketing is NOT for Everyone

- Advertising cost is Expensive

- We Have Limited Prospects

- Hard To Following Up Customers

- Scared To Talk & Fear of Rejection

- Hard Time Closing Deals

At, we provide a very unique marketing platform where everyone has a fair shot to promote business faster, wireless and effortlessly without compromising your financial advertising-budget, ever again! A community that supports each other’s business through a HandsOff Marketing System Hub.

Current Marketing Challenges

Our Solution

100% FREE Mobile Application

We offer 100% FREE Mobile App (IOS/ANDROID) for you to promote your weekly promotions and sales, events, youtube channel, business landing pages or any website through our unique HandsOff or Wearable devices. On the other hand, your valued customers or anyone nearby will be able to access and see your business easily, anytime just by simply downloading this FREE Mobile App.

HandsOff Wireless Broadcaster

With the HandsOff or Wearable devices, would it be beneficial for you promoting your awesome business to any nearby device through advanced wireless technology? Less talking, no disturbing or pressuring your customers or anyone to see and advertise your happy-hour promos, catch of the day, new released products and services or even coupons.

Promote Anywhere

Do you travel a lot? No worries! The expectation is that the FREE application will be utilized globally because of its tremendous benefits for all registered users and business owners, and with the help of our strong referral program. Imagine the possibilities, that you can go anywhere in the world and start broadcasting and promoting your awesome business at the airport, stadium and crowded places.

Your Idea, We Promote!

Yup, you read it right! Anything that you do or passionate about, we can promote! Whether it’s a personal website about cooking your favorite recipes, digital biodata, youtube channel, facebook account, church events or service schedule, we can utilize your website URL or we can create a FREE landing page for you because we can and we love to give.

You Connect, We Reward!

At, while using our FREE affiliate Mobile App and enjoy those discounts and coupons you can get access with, you also earn Reward Crypto Tokens everytime you visit any business places partnered within the mobile connect to the closest proximity wearables or devices nearby.

Training and Support

The mobile app team is always ready to serve anytime at no extra charges! We will do extra miles to make our valuable clients more than happy and satisfied. We offer absolutely FREE online training and support through our mobile app provider. We have dedicated schedules for training, webinars, online presentations and office seminars, so distance is not really a big issue.