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If you already have YouTube videos online, I will create 100’s of blogs for your business. All I will need is a YouTube video link and up to 3 keywords for your business and I will do the rest. All of these video embeds will be completed within a few days and you will receive links links the ones below that point to your website, blog, video or other digital asset you own. Using this service is PERFECT for lead generation for small businesses!

Each online account in my Private Blog Network (PBN) is a very powerful and aged account that will give authoritative links with video embeds all pointing to your online URLs.

Please forward the following information below on our CONTACT FORM HERE:
-Your YouTube Video Link
-I will create the readable content for each blog site (included)
-Up to 3 Keywords
-Your Website URL
-Your email address for correspondence
– Up to 600+ Video embedded blogs links will be given to you where I’ve categorized all of the niches for any business
You will receive all URLS links to all blogs that I create for your business

Cost is ONLY $35.00 DEC 2017 ONLY

(Limited pricing for the month of December 2017)

Blogs like the ones below will give your online assets tremendous authority and helps to give your website, videos social post major ranking juice.

Examples Blogs below:–10744348

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