Video Syndication Services

At Video Traffic Tactics, making a video is just one part of the video marketing strategy. Once we’ve created the video, we then place it in our video marketing private blog networks. Our private blog networks are very time consuming to build and and offer our company to create layers and layers of social signals, blogs and embedded videos that point to our ranked videos. This is why Google ranks our videos quickly as it meets all of the criteria that google looks for for pages and videos to populate in the google search results. Interestingly enough, the majority of people upload videos hoping for internet traffic, but don’t understand why new customers don’t find their business. By reading this small bit of information, you now have an understanding of why video rank in Google.

Our video syndication services can take a video that was created by you or by our team and syndicate it across multiple social media websites, blogs that are niche specific to your industry and raises the attention that google gives to a business video that we rank for your company. Video syndication and video citations are key to getting authority videos ranked in the search engines.


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