Video Leasing Service

There are many instances where a small business just wants people to call them for services and may want to have a video created at a later date. We have had many questions from prospective clients that they would rather lease the use of a video that we already have ranked in the google search and we direct all traffic to their business phone number. This is what our video leasing program does for a business.

Sometimes customized SEO options are just too expensive and a leasing program may be just the resource that your business needs. Does it really matter if the digital asset has your specific business name or that it addresses the service or product need that your business offers.

There are many industry specific videos that we have created. For instance, we have videos already ranked for carpet cleaners, roofers, handymen, Fencing Contractors, HVAC, Landscapers and many more. Customers interested in leasing these videos can lease them on a month to month basis with no contracts. When the customer is ready to stop the lease program they just stop paying for it. Customers pay in advance for the leased video.

If you’d like  to get started contact us at 720.410.9445.