Social Media Reviews Service

Get a pack of 8 reviews for $120.00

A very important part of this service is that our team will leave your company Google reviews, Amazon reviews, Yelps reviews as well. Google pays very close attention to social reviews and will pass that ranking juice to your website causing it to rank your website or video faster when it comes from a valid review.

Our service creates reviews on your business based upon customer interaction. We have a network of social media workers located in different geographical locations. Our network of social media account holders will contact your business as a customer and come in to your business and write a review about your business. These reviews will then be posted on their social media accounts pointing to your website.

If your business doesn’t have reviews from a satisfied customer, how will a new customer know what they can expect. Reviews are like referrals and build trust in the eyes of a new customer. A review network of real people that leave reviews about your business is a great way to get traction in google because google ranks these properties very high because it s social interactions and ranks as important. Googles job as a information broker is to deliver the best relevant content to its users. So now is the time to get more reviews for your business.

$120.00 (8 reviews)