Social Media (Trigger Network)

Social media is the biggest influence platform on the Internet. When people like share retweet and comment on posts that have been made it brings up the authoritative and social scores on social networks and because of this activity the triggers the algorithms to deliver your content higher than other posts that are not so popular.

When Yahoo, Google and Bing see content that is popular and has a lot of eyes and comments and shares and likes than it serves up that content to a person who are searching for a specific subject faster. This is because Google sees that people are liking it and reading it and digesting it and they want to give the searcher that is using their platform a better experience and so they are looking for social signals like this.

Leveraging social media network sites is a must do strategy for any business or organization that wants exposure fast.

We have built a network of social media workers that will make comments on several social media sites pointing back to your website and your offer so that new people will be able to find you in the search engines as well as social media in a geographic location. If you do not have this strategy implemented for your business you are simply losing business.

We use trigger marketing so that when an event happens on a web property it triggers other web properties to syndicate the same content across social media properties that we have built to promote specific niches. This becomes a very very powerful social media link builder. Your website is posted on several different social media accounts and linked back to your website giving your website ranking authority.

$350.00 per network