Google Maps + Keyword Ranking Service

Google has positioned itself as a information broker and prides itself as the best broker that delivers the most relevant information to it’s users. So to play by the rules of Google it is important to provide it the best data so that it will serve up your information. The best way to have authority in a geographical location is to create a google map of a location that your business delivers it products or services.

Each map that we create has strategically placed pinpoints that allow for a potential customer to find by doing a location based search such as “Best Mortgage Company Cleveland”. When the person clicks on this link, it will open a map of the area and for each city you will have a pinpoint that when clicked will open up and have an image or video a brief description with a link to your website and a phone number to get more information.

Each map will have multiple pinpoints that will include videos, images, contact information and links to your website. Most importantly, each map will be indexed by Google being and Yahoo based upon keyword searches that search engine users may search to find your businesses product or service.

This give your business, or organization multiple chances of seeing different videos, images about your business and how to locate you for more information. Google indexes maps very fast and they will server up on the SERP’s when users are searching for a business in your niche – PURE GOOGLE GOLD!

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$75.00 per map