Facebook Traffic Generation

Because Facebook has demographic data on all of its users, your company now as a way to target a specific demographic based on location, associations, professions, alumni, companies, zip codes, states, likes and dislikes. This data becomes a very important attribute to finding a specified niche to deliver ads.

Using Facebook ads we will research the targeted type of person that you want to have your ads serve and when you have an ad that creates enough curiosity for someone to click, they are redirected to an offer and opt in that will allow for you to build a database of people to market your product and services. Using this method you will be able to drive traffic to your website or any other web property within hours.

Price of this service will vary based on what your company budget would like to spend to get targeted traffic.



  • The initial fee to set up fee is includes the research and demographic targeting profiles is $125.00.
  • Once you have determined your monthly budget we will invoice you and the service will start once your invoice has been paid.
  • Facebook management monthly fee ranges from $150 – $399 per month and depends on the number of geo-locations targeted

$125.00 set up fee